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This section is for objects that illustrate the history of Chinese life and influence in the Midwest.  If you have historical Chinese-American objects, please let us know. We would like to photograph them and discuss a possible donation. For more about tax-deductible donations to our museum, please click on Support.

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1 Altar from the former On Leong building, ca. 1900 8058
2 Chinese-American objects from excavations in lakefront landfill in Chicago, 1910-1915 7530
3 Objects from the Chinese Joss House and Theater, Chicago World's Fair, 1893 9092
4 Objects from the former Ling Long Museum, 1930s 8747
5 Objects from the 1933-4 Chicago World Fair 8346
6 A Tang dynasty stele given by a Chinese diplomat to the Field Museum in 1907 7516