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The Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors, aided by members of an Advisory Council and six Board Committees recruited from the community. Completely volunteer-based, the Foundation is proud to have a diversified membership comprised of ethnic Chinese, Malaysians, Singaporeans, Vietnamese, Latinos, African-Americans, and European-Americans. Together its directors and advisors have rich museum, community networking, and teaching experience. The Foundation’s full board will have 25 members and 30 members in Advisory Council.

David K. Lee  李金亮
Retired Engineer

Soo Lon Moy, MA 梅素蘭
Retired Public School Teacher 

Susan Ng-Harroun  吳綺年
Business Owner

John Rohsenow, Ph. D.  羅聖豪博士
Professor Emeritus
University of Illinois at Chicago

Rebeccah Sanders 沈麗珊
Executive Director
Audubon Chicago Region 

Andrea Stamm, MA, MLS  安珠雅史丹
Librarian Emerita
Northwestern University

Kathy Tee 鄭凱茜

Kim K. Tee, DPM      鄭金光醫生
Podiatrist, Foot & Ankle Surgeon 

Charles Weber, Ph. D.  魏謙恩博士
Professor Emeritus 

Past President
Chuimei Ho, PhD  (President 2002 - 2006)
Art Historian & Social Worker

Anita Luk
Executive Director

Shu Ting Mei
Sik Man Leung
Linda Chu

Title V
Man Fai Lau


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